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Lower Your Interest

Did you know that securing an auto loan is one of the fastest ways to rebuild a tarnished credit history?

It’s True!

Many consumers think that if they have sustained a bankruptcy, a bankruptcy proposal, have past or current collections, or have simply missed some payments that their credit is beyond repair. IT’S NOT!

We can fast track your credit history’s road to repair with our Credit Rebuilding Program! St Croix Auto understands that not everybody has a perfect credit history. Despite your history, you may still qualify for an auto loan, which will Rebuild your credit rating faster than credit cards, payday loans, or consolidation loans!

If You:
  • Have had credit issues in the past.
  • Have been at your current job for 3 months or more.
  • Earn a Minimum of $1800 per month *before* tax.
  • YOU may qualify for rates as low as 4.99!